The Green Farm - Trailer - 綠點酒莊故事簡短版

The Green Farm - Main Film - 花蓮綠點酒莊的故事

The Green Farm

Directed by Tommaso Muzzi
Produced by NiiNami


Andreas and Cathy, two engineers, have dedicated most of their lives to their careers, traveling to various parts of the world and sacrificing many things along the way. One day, they meet—he is German, and she is Taiwanese. Despite their apparent cultural differences, something attracts them to each other. They decide to get married and change their lives. Leaving behind the big cities and industrial centers where they practiced their profession, they move to the most remote area of Taiwan. There, they build a welcoming house in the mountains and a distillery where Andreas creates alcoholic drinks using local fruits and spices. They have decided to start a new life.

In an era where large franchising companies transform the market by depersonalizing and standardizing it, choosing to create things with your own hands and become artisans represents a truly revolutionary act.